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621 Volunteer Gliding School celebrated its 60th Anniversary in 2003. As part of the celebrations the squadron borrowed a Sedbergh from the Air Cadet Vintage Flight based at Syerston and flew from all of the schools previous home airfields. Flying the Sedbergh brought back memories for many staff, and for the younger staff a chance to fly a vintage aircraft.

In fact many of the staff enjoyed it so much they bought their own Sedburgh and created the 621 VGS Vintage Flight. The idea being to preserve and operate former Air Training Corps gliders.

In 2009, after five years, the Flight changed its name to 621VGS Historic Flight in order to be more recognisable by those that provide us with support such as permission to operate on the airfield, Air Traffic and Met services.

With Air Cadet gliding pausing in 2014 (due to an Airworthiness Assurance issue with the aircraft), the existance of the Historic Flight has allowed staff members from the VGS to remain in flying practice and ready for when normal operations resume.

It was announced in 2015 that Hullavington Airfield would be sold and the VGS would be relocated. The airfield was sold in 2016. As yet it has not been confirmed where the VGS will move to. We hope that 621 VGS remains operational in a new location and that the Historic Flight is able to move with it.


621 VGS Historic Flight is currently based with 621 VGS at Hullavington airfield in Wiltshire. You can contact us through the VGS by emailing historic_flight@621vgs.co.uk

We'd love to hear from you if you have a story to tell or pictures of our aircraft. Perhaps you still have some parts tucked away in the cupboard that would help keep these historic gliders in the air!

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