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News from February 2016

Posted on: February 2nd, 2016 by admin

We continue to welcome squadrons to visit and make use of the Part Task Trainer (PTT).

On Sunday 24th Jan we had cadets from 290 (Weston-Super-Mare) and 2146 (South East Bristol) Squadrons visiting.

290 & 2146 Visit 24 Jan 16

As well as a tour of the aircraft in the hanger and training on the PTT, cadets spent time in lessonsĀ for their First Class and Senior/Master subjects.

290 & 2146 Visit PTT

On the evening of Tuesday 26th Jan, not our usual weekend working, we opened up for 2002 (Kingswood) Squadron to make use of the PTT and see the aircraft.

Whilst have the facilities available – please arrange to come visit and make use of the resources!