621VGS News

Posted on: September 5th, 2016 by admin

Since the announcement in Parliament about the future of gliding in the Air Cadets, 621 VGS has known that it was unlikely that air cadet gliding would return before the airfield was sold. This week it was confirmed that the bulk of the airfield will be sold very soon.

625 VGS were first to start operations from Hullavington in 1992 with 621 VGS arriving the following year. 625 VGS became part of 621 VGS in 2013 shortly before Air Cadet gliding across the UK was “paused” in 2014. Since then we have tried to remain ready to resume operations, the continued operation of the 621 VGS Historic flight has enabled the squadron to retain both staff and the skills required to operate an airfield. This will also now cease to operate from Hullavington.

In over 23 years at Hullavington the two VGS would have flown over 200,000 launches and completed over 2000 Scholarship courses. As well as the scholarships, for the majority of cadets an Air Experience flight or Gliding Induction Course would be their first experience of flight, leading many into an aviation career.

621 VGS will continue to inspire the next generation to achieve, with a new home for the squadron to be found in the coming months.