621 VGS Historic Flight
Historic Flight Fleet

The Winch

We used a winch to launch our aircraft from Hullavington. "The Baby" as we like to call it was donated to us. Although it hadn't been used for a couple of years and in that time had been stored outdoors - it didn't take long before the engine roared into life. From then on "The Baby" was in faithfull service until the move to Nympsfield. The Historic flight now launches using the club winch.

Glider Winch

Every flying Vintage Flight member will, at some point, take their turn to drive the winch. Although most of us were qualified to drive the bigger Munster Van Gelder winch with the Air Cadets, it takes a couple of launches to master the art of launching with a clutch and gearbox. You can expect a few random launches from a trainee winch driver.

Sponser of fuel for The Babe

Local company owner, Guy Tomblin of Bison Plant Hire, supports 621 Historic Flight by kindly donating red diesel to run our winch and keep our aircraft flying. This assistance is very much appreciated - many thanks!


The 621 VGS Historic Flight has two Landrovers which we use to get the winch onto the airfield, to tow gliders and the winch cable across the airfield. They take a little more maintenance, but the older landrovers do "fit" the operation.