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Posted on: May 11th, 2014 by nimbus

With everything conspiring to prevent aviation from Hullavington we were unable to fly the Historic Gliders this weekend.
Many thanks to those that turned up for a long day of much needed maintenance – it’s days like these that are essential to enabling all to enjoy the lovely gliders we have access to !

The Swallow had its C of A and has also had the gap sealing replaced under the wings so should fly a lot quieter! The Grasshopper has been loaded into its trailer for off site maintenance, the trailer was also thoroughly cleaned. The Prefect was also given a wash and the Sedbergh washed and polished to protect the new paintwork.

Posted on: May 11th, 2014 by nimbus

With the VGS grounded the opportunity was taken to fly the historic gliders over the Sunday and Monday and enjoy a social with friends and family having a BBQ. A hardy few even stayed over in tents.
Over the two days we managed nearly 130 launches ! There was soaring available both days and the CFI even had a nibble at the wave in the Sedbergh.
Neil Payne produced an awesome BBQ which went on into the evening. There was much chat from those who had the green ball up in the MKIII !!
Here are a few photos to set the scene :




And another cracking shot from a GoPro attached to the Prefect following the MKIII onto base leg.


Posted on: April 22nd, 2014 by admin

After two consecutive Fridays, we had the luxury of the airfield for Good Friday and Easter Saturday and managed 60 launches over those two days.

Welcome to the syndicate to Luke, Toby, Andy, Ian and Paul. We’ve had many people converting to new types, there are some excellent pictures on the 621 Historic Flight Facebook page, including this one:

Al and Rebeka in Mk3

Posted on: January 3rd, 2013 by nimbus

After what seems like weeks of dismal weather the sun finally came out on New Year’s Day and was accompanied by a 10-15tk westerly. A loose plan existed to have an airfield BBQ whatever the weather and hopefully some flying. In the event we had around 25 people turn up to experience a very social day, lots of food and plenty of flying.

Ron Perry flew in from Mendip GC with the Rotax Falke and provided the MKIII with a handful of aerotows, the Swallow didn’t need aerotowing as it wasn’t far off winch launching to 2000′ in the breeze on runway 25! Rick popped over from Keevil with their Rotax Falke and Liz Mansbridge braved the cold to fly in the MKIII for the first time in nearly 30 years.

Many thanks from all to Jackie and Sarah for a fantastic spread of food

Our aim is now to move into a period of maintenance. The landrover needs some serious TLC to make it properly useable and the Peugeot needs a service and we have a small group going up to Bicester to help Dave Bullock progress the Sedbergh.

Posted on: October 1st, 2012 by nimbus

Alan Melmore OC 618VGS at Odiham visited the historic flight on Friday and relived flying the MKIII for the first time in many years. A circuit in the Sedbergh completed the pair of wood training gliders Alan has flown. Due to the schools he has operated at Alan is one of the lucky few to flown MkIII, Sedbergh, Prefect, Swallow, Vanguard, Viking, Janus, Valiant and Vigiliant whilst in service – only the Venture missing to complete the set !

Andy in XA310

It was a lovely early autumn afternoon, especially when the sun came out. Al Stacey popped in and did some instructing in his Sedbergh, most were impressed how he flew in a T-shirt !

MKIII Take Off

MKIII Take Off

Posted on: July 22nd, 2012 by nimbus

Hi all,
At last a fantastic summer evening. Flying started with the Mk111 and Swallow. Phil Woods aerotowed Al’s Sedbergh over from Keevil which Al has once again very kindly loaned us for a little while.
Geoff Beard was first to benefit and re-soloed the Sedbergh after many years. Ash converted to the Mk111 and the other solo pilots made good use of the Swallow.
Rich Manara re aquainted him self with the winch until Geoff threw him off and wouldn’t let anyone else near !! I think he enjoys winching as much as flying!!
So with the enjoyment of having a Sedbergh available again and the huge family picnic taking place, the airfield was a good place to be !
We already have good numbers for next Friday, dare I suggest a BBQ? From memory so far I have myself, Gav, Jono, Jim Burton and Andy T. Probably look at 1600 again for those that can. Any other takers??

Posted on: September 12th, 2011 by nimbus

Fortunately two pleasant weather days fell on two consecutive Fridays and a good time was had by all. Some more of the ex Air Cadets that were unable to make the August date came along and flew the Sedbergh with big grins all round. We then said goodbye to WB981 as it returned to Keevil with Rick flying his first Sedbergh P1 trip and James Blake experiencing his first open top glider flight, first aerotow and first cross country! Rich Manara also converted to the Sedbergh and Swallow

The following week saw the Prefect and Swallow flying, a very nice and gentle September evening. Andy Trickey flew the Swallow for the first time in many years and Rich Manara converted to the Prefect, I think he’s gone into hiding with three conversion rounds pending! PT and Rich also got to grips with the winch!

Posted on: June 28th, 2011 by nimbus

Mid summer week seemed a sensible time to pick for flying vintage gliders! With a not too promising forecast we started the week with Al’s Sedbergh having to stay at Keevil due to strong winds. In fact the strong winds were set to stay until Friday along with heavy showers. It turned out that on most days we wouldn’t have been able to fly the Sedbergh due to the wind strength so instead turned to the MKIII which coped admirably with 25kt gusts! Joined by Rick and his SHK and the Astir DNE, our Swallow completed the line up for the majority of the week. Only on Friday did the winds abate and the Prefect came out on what turned out to be a soarable morning.

With large chunks of the midweek days washed out we spent some time cleaning the gliders, the MKIII had a brand new front seat fitted whilst KK and Dom fitted a new canvas tilt too the winch.

A couple of successful evenings allowed Martin Wintle and the Summerells to get airborne with a typical English summer BBQ after and just to prove we did get some decent weather I’ll insert the following photo! Along with a nice one Rob took of Tony on the approach.

All in, a great week despite the weather. Mike Newton flew the MKIII for the first time since 1979, KK also flew the Swallow again after a similar time. Dom Polhill converted to the MKIII and then the Swallow. We managed 109 flights and a bit over 18 hours airborne.

Posted on: May 16th, 2011 by nimbus

The first full Friday of the season was blessed with fine weather and a good breeze. This helped the MKIII get reasonable heights as it was being used to get some back into current practice before stepping up to the Swallow. A rare 1250′ was seen on one launch but that might have been due to Oliver Summerell being in the back seat!

Phil, Darren M, Daryl, Jim and Jono all converted to the Swallow with Nick B re-converting after some 30 years! Jono got the best of the breeze and nearly made the magic 2000′ on the launch.

The Prefect also came out to play, can’t be many times that the Prefect and Swallow flew together in VGS use! Phil also discovered that extra cocpit weight causes the Prefect to stop quite quick!!!

Posted on: January 26th, 2011 by nimbus

With weather finally suitable for vintage gliders, a small group met and flew the Sedbergh for the afternoon. It was extremely cold in the northerly air flow but we all managed a few flights each. Mike last flew a Sedbergh as captain back in 1979 and it was great to see him flying solo again after a few check rides, I knew we could weane him off the windmill up front!

After flying the Sedbergh was de-rigged and loaded into the newly refurbed trailer ready to be taken to Bicester for a complete refurbishment.