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Posted on: November 20th, 2007 by admin

This Sunday was rubbish for gliding. Very foggy and nil viz. Air Cadet ops were wrapped up by lunch and an intrepid few decided to have a go at auto-towing the Grasshopper as the cloud base seemed about 400′. It turns out we have two auto tow ropes ( approx 100′ and 400′ ). After a very careful team think we attached the rope to the Peugeot, Andy Trickey attached himself to the glider and I put my foot on the accelerator. After a long ground slide ( and a gear change in the car) Andy took off and sailed magestically to about 300′ where he landed ahead. Due to the lack of wind we then did the same in the opposite direction. Phil Woods, myself and Nick Jeffery then had a few launches which resulted in a 180 turn and land down wind. We then had another team huddle as it was suggested that it might be possible in the nil wind to tow in laps around the airfield!! To cut a long story short Andy and myself each achieved a lap on tow followed by a brief circuit after release. The only problem being able to see through the tears of laughter!!! Who needs the hot ships to have extreme fun in gliding!!

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