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Posted on: November 16th, 2008 by admin

Hi all,
The Sedbergh C of A this year showed up some work that will be required over the winter. It mainly involves wire brushing rust and then repainting to protect. Unfortunately the glider will require de-rigging in order to gain access to some of the areas requiring attention.

I propose that after the Friday 28th Nov, we aim to take the Sedbergh of line and attend to the work required. We will of course still be able to fly the Prefect and Grasshopper if people so wish, although I realise this doesn’t help the non solo pilots.

Other work that is required – Oil and filter changes on Peugeot, Landrover and winch, perspex to be replaced on winch cab ( I have perspex), orange flashing light to be re-installed on winch, repairing the Sedbergh trailer ( fairly major undertaking!) and anything else that you can think of.

It would make sense to utilise Fridays that we would have flown (this way those that are doing the majority of the flying can get involved with the majority of the maintenance!). Although there is no reason why evening work parties can’t be organised for some smaller jobs ( oil and filter changes).

I will organise glider and trailer work, it would be nice if three of you came forward to take on organising the work on the 3 vehicles. I can’t remember who got the filters for the winch and where they got them from ( any ideas?) I do remember it was an agricultural place in Chippenham and that the engine is a Leyland 500.


Posted on: November 5th, 2008 by admin

Hi all,
I took a trip to Bicester today to try and sell some of the Venture spares we had aquired from Albert Johnson. I sold 2 fuel tanks, 3 tyres, a worn prop and 2 engine cowls and made £700! I’m keeping £20 for fuel (240 mile round trip!), giving half back to Albert so we therefore have £340 to go in the kitty! Not a bad days work!


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