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Posted on: March 23rd, 2009 by nimbus

A very pleasant day last Friday with plenty of flying. We were able to keep both the Prefect and Sedbergh flying throughout the afternoon and early evening. Al Stacey popped in and flew his glider( the least we could do as we have had it nearly a year!). Pete Turner has joined the flying syndicate, he flew the Prefect for the first time in many years and was then able to send Pete Asop off in the Sedbergh before he also duly converted to the Prefect. Both Pete and AL may be available to help on Fridays particularly as they are both Full Rated instructors which will help hugely with any check flights that are required.
Just prior to packing up Jane and Chris from 622 VGS turned up to collect a Viking from Serco and were able to have a launch each in the Sedbergh.
Johno is buying a new battery for Brut this week which should help no end, we have a discovered an oil leak also on Brut but at present we are letting it develop! Please don’t forget the Barge trailer still needs sorting and everything needs a wash!!

Posted on: March 6th, 2009 by nimbus

An excellent day today and it was like turning back the clock at 621! Daryl Mansbridge has joined the flying syndicate and re-soloed the Prefect after 35years! Andy Davey pitched up out of the blue and after a series of checks in the Sedbergh also flew the Prefect which he missed during his time at the VGS as they had just gone out of service. He enjoyed it all so much he has also joined the flying syndicate ( our first overseas member!!). KK got himself current again flying with Tony Webb and flew some Sedbergh soloes.

At the obligatory after flying pub visit it could have been a scene from 621 during the early 80’s.

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