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Posted on: April 25th, 2010 by nimbus

Day out at Hullavington with 621 Historic Flight

Had the most fantastic day out yesterday at the invitation of Adam and his team at the 621 Historic Flight.
I arrived at Hullavington and there was a Mk3 by the origional (but far to clean!) red and white checkered caravan and a Barge just going up the launch – eye moistening stuff!
They made me very welcome and within minutes I was strapping the Sedburgh on, and off up the launch for the first time in 35 years!
A bit of thermalling on the second trip (remember the little red and green “balls”?) was followed by much reminiscing with John (another guest also ex 622 – but before my time) and the rest of the crew over tea.
Then it was time for the Mk3. Given a choice of seats I didn’t hesitate to grab the back seat of course (1800+ launches in that “office”) and WHAM! I was instantly back 35 years I just loved it!!
Thank you so much chaps for a fantastic day, the a/c are immaculate and the standards of airmanship (and winch launching!) are excellent.
The day was made exceptional (if that was possible!) by seeing the Grasshopper winch launched not once but twice………..amazing – Adam, and Pete…… you’re bonkers! (they wouldn’t let me have a go, bloody spoilsports!)
Apparently, all ex ATC GS staff are welcome and I urge you all to contact them and go and have a go.
Thanks again Adam and
Jez Cooke

Posted on: April 25th, 2010 by nimbus

Unfortunately due to a volcano in Iceland the 621 Air Cadet Easter course had to be cut short. This enabled the ash resistant historic flight to have a busy few days. The Grasshopper was given an airing on the Thursday evening with the MKIII and Sedbergh having a good few flights on the Friday. Saturday saw Pete Turner bring Mendips tug over which was put to use aerotowing, thus followed some huge grins after aerotowing the MKIII to 2000′.

The following Friday saw all three gliders at the launch point and we were joined by a couple of ex Air Cadet instructors who had an enjoyable day of nostalgia, one of which flew in in a beautiful Jungmeister bi-plane and produced his Air Cadet log book showing his last MKIII flight in 1975!

Pictures to follow

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