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Posted on: May 18th, 2010 by nimbus

Yep, after being on site for only a week the Prefect has landed out! Our intrepid OC launched into a booming sky ( just look at the photo!) After visiting Castle Coombe ( maybe the Prefect had designs on chasing the Pucklechurch Viking !!!) the conditions weren’t kind for the return. A text book field landing was carried out near Stanton Manor ironically on an old aircraft dispersal near the motorway that the locals call the Runway!!

The logsheets show Dave landing at 1200, the MK111 then had to be taken off the trailer, drive to the field, de-rig and load the Prefect, drive back to the launchpoint, re-rig with the next launch taking place at 1420 – not bad going!!

Posted on: May 18th, 2010 by nimbus

After almost a year the MKIII has been de-rigged awaiting transfer back to Keevil. In its place the lovely Prefect has returned. Last Friday saw the most people I have seen on an Historic Flight Friday flying which was excellent to see, with visitors from Keevil, 625, Hullavington Barracks and 621 past and present providing much banter at the launch point. Both the Sedbergh and Prefect were flying giving some of our visitors their first taste of open top gliding, with the rest of us getting re-aquainted with the Prefect. Shaun flew it for the first time in 30years!! and Rob Newbold also converted to it – his first ever single seater!!

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