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Posted on: May 16th, 2011 by nimbus

The first full Friday of the season was blessed with fine weather and a good breeze. This helped the MKIII get reasonable heights as it was being used to get some back into current practice before stepping up to the Swallow. A rare 1250′ was seen on one launch but that might have been due to Oliver Summerell being in the back seat!

Phil, Darren M, Daryl, Jim and Jono all converted to the Swallow with Nick B re-converting after some 30 years! Jono got the best of the breeze and nearly made the magic 2000′ on the launch.

The Prefect also came out to play, can’t be many times that the Prefect and Swallow flew together in VGS use! Phil also discovered that extra cocpit weight causes the Prefect to stop quite quick!!!

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