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Posted on: February 6th, 2012 by nimbus

Just a quick report on last Friday. We have learnt a lesson that our ageing kit cannot be left unattended for 5 months over the winter and then be expected to work! The car temp showed -8 as I turned up Friday morning and we were faced with flat batteries in everything and a flat tyre and seized brakes on the Peugeot, having sorted that lot we then had to unfreeze the hangar doors. I didn’t help by letting the winch stop once it was on the airfield so had to use the world’s most expensive battery charger ( the Van Gelder!).

Anyway once flying commenced we had a very pleasant afternoon in the winter sun, Jono thermalled the Swallow to 2600′, not bad for early Feb! Mike Newton soloed the MKIII, the first time since 1979!
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