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Posted on: July 22nd, 2012 by nimbus

Hi all,
At last a fantastic summer evening. Flying started with the Mk111 and Swallow. Phil Woods aerotowed Al’s Sedbergh over from Keevil which Al has once again very kindly loaned us for a little while.
Geoff Beard was first to benefit and re-soloed the Sedbergh after many years. Ash converted to the Mk111 and the other solo pilots made good use of the Swallow.
Rich Manara re aquainted him self with the winch until Geoff threw him off and wouldn’t let anyone else near !! I think he enjoys winching as much as flying!!
So with the enjoyment of having a Sedbergh available again and the huge family picnic taking place, the airfield was a good place to be !
We already have good numbers for next Friday, dare I suggest a BBQ? From memory so far I have myself, Gav, Jono, Jim Burton and Andy T. Probably look at 1600 again for those that can. Any other takers??

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