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Posted on: October 1st, 2012 by nimbus

Alan Melmore OC 618VGS at Odiham visited the historic flight on Friday and relived flying the MKIII for the first time in many years. A circuit in the Sedbergh completed the pair of wood training gliders Alan has flown. Due to the schools he has operated at Alan is one of the lucky few to flown MkIII, Sedbergh, Prefect, Swallow, Vanguard, Viking, Janus, Valiant and Vigiliant whilst in service – only the Venture missing to complete the set !

Andy in XA310

It was a lovely early autumn afternoon, especially when the sun came out. Al Stacey popped in and did some instructing in his Sedbergh, most were impressed how he flew in a T-shirt !

MKIII Take Off

MKIII Take Off

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