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Posted on: January 3rd, 2013 by nimbus

After what seems like weeks of dismal weather the sun finally came out on New Year’s Day and was accompanied by a 10-15tk westerly. A loose plan existed to have an airfield BBQ whatever the weather and hopefully some flying. In the event we had around 25 people turn up to experience a very social day, lots of food and plenty of flying.

Ron Perry flew in from Mendip GC with the Rotax Falke and provided the MKIII with a handful of aerotows, the Swallow didn’t need aerotowing as it wasn’t far off winch launching to 2000′ in the breeze on runway 25! Rick popped over from Keevil with their Rotax Falke and Liz Mansbridge braved the cold to fly in the MKIII for the first time in nearly 30 years.

Many thanks from all to Jackie and Sarah for a fantastic spread of food

Our aim is now to move into a period of maintenance. The landrover needs some serious TLC to make it properly useable and the Peugeot needs a service and we have a small group going up to Bicester to help Dave Bullock progress the Sedbergh.

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