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News from March 2013

Posted on: March 20th, 2013 by nimbus

Things are progressing well. With input from Geofff, Vicky and myself the fuselage is almost completely covered in fabric and has its first coat of dope.


Dave masked up the remaining wing to do the roundels top and bottom. This is where you get some idea of the hours involved, with extensive masking operations required to achieve the 3 colours both roundels took the best part of a days work to complete ! Both wings, however, now complete.



Posted on: March 1st, 2013 by nimbus

Another successful 2 days this week which has seen the culmination of the fuselage prep. The broken bits discovered have been patched, glued and sanded, finally the cockpit is now ready for paint – this took most of day one to finish. Geoff has worked tirelessly stripping paint from the tail area and the wing mounts.

All the internal steelwork ( control rods etc ) is now at the sandblasters getting prepped for powder coating, Geoff and I have taken the remaining woodwork and aluminium home for stripping prior to paint.

Once the fuselage was covered in thinned adhesive

we were able to start attaching fabric and have now achieved both sides from the cockpit back to the fin.

we are hoping that by spending 2 days again next week we should see the covering finished then it will be over to Dave for spraying. As they say 90% finished 90% to go !




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