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Posted on: July 23rd, 2016 by admin

After a week at RIAT watching the noisy new stuff flying, the Historic Flight was back operating at Hullavington.   With the airfield due to be sold soon every opportunity has to be taken.   The Historic Flight flew on the 17th before a special treat on the 24th July – a Tiger Moth and Chipmunk joining in the fun (or adding to it).


The aircraft flew in from Compton Abbas and spent the day flying members of the Flight.   Lots of very happy people on the airfield!   Many Thanks to those that made this happen.

We also had a visitor from 631 VGS who brought with him some parts he found in a cupboard.   Thanks Gary!     I think he found his way into everything and I think he enjoyed it!

Happy Passenger

And another Venture ZA634 popped in to say hello to ours.



What a day!