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Posted on: August 6th, 2016 by admin

Some great soaring today starting with the Sedbergh soaring away from the first launch.   We even had aircraft sharing thermals today as well.



They are further away from each other than they look from this picture!

We carry out a series of checks before each launch following the mnemonic CBSIFTCBE.  Controls, Ballast, Straps, Instruments, Flaps, Trim, Canopies, Eventualities (although not all our aircraft have all of these of course).   The last of these, Eventualities, is where we plan for what could happen during the launch – as sometimes it does happen.  It’s not often captured in a photo though.



You can see the cable has gone slack.   The glider released the cable and landing straight ahead.  It’s something we learn as a student to deal with and regularly practice.